They Call Me Ian Most of the Time

arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

Arkham City


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workin on any new music?

Uhm YEA! I’ve actually got 2 projects that I’m workin on right now. One is a collab album with another Emcee and musician, we’re calling it “Ebb and Flow”, it’ll be like a 6ish track EP. And the other is my second full length album! Featuring some SUPER talented and cool emcees. Both of them will probably be out in the next few months, honestly.

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can you remember your favorite day ever? (if not just some other groovy day)

I’ve had some extremely groovy days! I don’t know about “ever” but one day I went into Philly to see Starfucker and they put on a super fun show, and I had a bangin cheesesteak and stayed in a fancy hotel. That could very well be my favorite. Ever.

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